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info please

on the topic of non-animal eats:
ive been to native foods. i shop at mothers and trader joes and a local growers direct as well as some small farm that closes at dusk (its just outside of fountain valley..i think)
any other places i am missing?

on the topic of book stores:
any independently owned book shops that sell hard to finds and somewhat controversial/political books? classics too of course. can never have too much.

also, video rental stores and theatres: any arthouse types?
cafes that are open all night?

i just moved to Orange County. previously i had lived in San Diego all my life and i knew that whole county inside out. i knew all the record shops, hard to find co-ops, guerrilla style shows, good places to eat and grocer-shop, all the no-cover bars where indie bands played every night of the week.
but now im in Costa Mesa and i must start all over again. so im hungry for geographical locations if ya get my drift.

i wish i could add as well as ask. i did find a GREAT record shop called Third Eye Records. definitely my kinda place. its at 2428 Newport Blvd Unit #7 Costa Mesa, Ca 92627. if you see a Tattoo place, it's down that alley. parallel against the 55 heading northbound.
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