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social awareness in orange county
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The function of this community is to bring together socially conscious individuals in the Orange County area, in order to better organize and network movements that bring about positive social change. Although the primary focus of this community will be on Orange County, those living in Los Angeles County and elsewhere are welcome to participate as well.

Any individuals who are open to the ideas of equality, human and non-human rights, and global awareness are welcome to post and participate in open discussions here.

Feel free to:

Post upcoming events in the Orange County area.
This includes: film screenings, teach ins, lectures, protests, etc.

Discuss issues concerning orange county politics.
This includes: upcoming elections, boycotts, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Discuss places to go.
This includes: vegan eats, independent markets, co-ops, book stores, upcoming shows, etc.

please put large images behind an lj-cut.
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